Why were they so excited???

“It’s a bird!”

“No,it’s a plane!”

Why were they so excited at a bird/plane?

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A lot of schools I know ban chewing gum,and hey, I really think that’s a good idea.I mean,even though schools banned chewing gum, it’s still EVERYWHERE in the school!



You can find them under desks, those spaces under the desk where you can put books in, lockers…EVERYWHERE! Though what I say is that some kids NEED discipline, when a kid is born, he is just like a blank sheet of paper. It is up to his/her parents of what kind of paper he is; a dirty paper, a clean paper, a crushed up paper, a ripped paper.

If parents treat their kids too good, when they grow up they probably won’t know manners and will fail in life because of how poorly behaved he is. Leaving kids with their grandparents are also a problem. Of all the people I know, the kids that are living with their grandparents has really bad discipline and manners. Because grandparents just can’t treat their grand kids bad, since like, duh, it’s their grand kids. You’ll have to show the kids how harsh sometimes life is. Or else it will be too late and then can’t accept the truth later in life. Yeah, ouch.



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The faceless Master Chief

A lot of Halo fans are a bit angry about 343 and Bungie deciding not to show the face of the legendary hero, John-117.But if you are one of them then let me tell ya,they have a very good reason of not showing the Chief’s face.I think they didn’t show it because they want the player to create their own version of Master Chief in their mind.The face that YOU think fits him. Sometimes when you read a book and then when movie comes out showing the main character I bet you have at least once felt disappointed because his face was way off of what you thought it looks like. And I believe that is one of the reasons they didn’t show his face. I am not sure about his thought but not giving Master Chief also makes you want to know more about him, and that would also make you buy the game of curiousness. Maybe in the future games they will finally show his face,who knows?

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Video Ideas

Video ideas are really hard to think of when you’re are thinking about it.But when you’re not thinking about it,ideas just keep popping out but you don’t have time to write it down or anything.And THAT is a really pain in the butt.So my family are having some problems with money right now.And luckily I know a few ways of how to earn money.But I do them for fun too.Like making videos on YouTube Just to let you know, if you become popular on YouTube, eventually YouTube will send you an email and asks you to join the YouTube Partnership program.And then you will earn money from the videos you make.Also,you can earn money from blogs.But don’t get me wrong,like I said,I do this for my interest too.I am having some problems with some video ideas so maybe I thought,”Hey,awesome people that looks at my blog will help me!”.So if you guys have any video ideas that doesn’t involve too much skill then,ya know, tell me in the comments!

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel!: http://www.youtube.com/user/YufanXiujun

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What Animal Are You Scared Of?

Tell you the truth, I’m scared of any animal that I consider disgusting. Like animals that has more organs like eyes than most animals. I’m scared especially of spiders. Just imagining them gives me goosebumps. Also worms, yeah, worms. Even though some of them are good for the environment and stuff but still, I just dislike ’em. What animal are YOU scared of and why? 

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Fact File: The Mighty Komodo Dragon

1.The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world!

2.It uses it’s tongue like a nose, flicking it in the air to catch the prey’s scent.

3.An average size of a Komodo Dragon is 6 feet long!

4.They swallow their prey instead of chewing it.

5.They can run at about 11 miles per hour!

6.The Komodo Dragons can live up to 50 years old.

7.Komodo Dragons can swim!

8.There are four times more females than male Komodo Dragons.

9.Female Komodo Dragons lay 15-30 eggs each time.

10.Last but not least, there are approximately only 4090 Komodo Dragons left.

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Hello Fellow Readers!!!

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my blog. Unfortunately I’m still a student so I can’t promise to post every single day but I’ll try my best and post whenever I can.I hope you enjoy your stay and visit every once in a while.I will also post some videos in this blog mostly of me playing flute.



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