The faceless Master Chief

A lot of Halo fans are a bit angry about 343 and Bungie deciding not to show the face of the legendary hero, John-117.But if you are one of them then let me tell ya,they have a very good reason of not showing the Chief’s face.I think they didn’t show it because they want the player to create their own version of Master Chief in their mind.The face that YOU think fits him. Sometimes when you read a book and then when movie comes out showing the main character I bet you have at least once felt disappointed because his face was way off of what you thought it looks like. And I believe that is one of the reasons they didn’t show his face. I am not sure about his thought but not giving Master Chief also makes you want to know more about him, and that would also make you buy the game of curiousness. Maybe in the future games they will finally show his face,who knows?

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