A lot of schools I know ban chewing gum,and hey, I really think that’s a good idea.I mean,even though schools banned chewing gum, it’s still EVERYWHERE in the school!



You can find them under desks, those spaces under the desk where you can put books in, lockers…EVERYWHERE! Though what I say is that some kids NEED discipline, when a kid is born, he is just like a blank sheet of paper. It is up to his/her parents of what kind of paper he is; a dirty paper, a clean paper, a crushed up paper, a ripped paper.

If parents treat their kids too good, when they grow up they probably won’t know manners and will fail in life because of how poorly behaved he is. Leaving kids with their grandparents are also a problem. Of all the people I know, the kids that are living with their grandparents has really bad discipline and manners. Because grandparents just can’t treat their grand kids bad, since like, duh, it’s their grand kids. You’ll have to show the kids how harsh sometimes life is. Or else it will be too late and then can’t accept the truth later in life. Yeah, ouch.



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